How to Delete My Zacbarnes4 Account ?

Follow the steps below to delete your account :

Step 1 : Login to your Zacbarnes4 account and go to your app’s/website’s overview page.

Step 2 : Click on the User Profile menu.
Step 3 :
Click on the User Action option.
Step 4 :
Before deleting your account, you need to delete all the existing apps in your account. Click on the Bin icon to delete the exisitng app.
Step 5 : Select a reason for deleting your app and click on Delete.
Step 6 :
Once you have deleted the app, you can delete your account. To delete your account, click on Delete Account.
Step 7 :
Select the reason for deleting your account, then click on Delete Account.
Step 8 :
Click OK to permanently delete your account.

Note :

  • You can only delete your account if NO apps exist in your account. If you have a Free app, then you have to first delete the free app.

  • You can delete a paid app-based account after downgrading the paid app to a free app. For any questions or clarifications, you can write to us at

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