What Is an .scn File? How to Create an .scn File? [With Sample]

What is an .scn file?

.scn files are scenario files that contain a game play map including terrains, different locations, and conditions within a game. The .scn files are generally used in real-time games and apps like Age of Empire, Pokémon GO, etc.

How to create an .scn file?

To create an .scn file:
  • First you need to create .obj or .dae file.
  • Then you need to go to Xcode – Apple Developer portal (https://developer.apple.com/xcode/) and download Xcode IDE software
  • Open Xcode software and insert the .obj or .dae file
  • Select the file and open Editor. Now click on “Convert to .scn file” to convert it
  • Once the .scn file is created make sure that all the angles are correct
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Sample .scn file
Here is the sample .scn file for you to download :
How it will appear on your app?

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